Our History



The Brandy Moon Collection by model/actress Brandy Moon is handmade in Italy thanks to Italian skilled labor with over 60 yrs experience. The collection is a collaboration of Italian-style design and craftsmanship bringing you the finest quality available. Each product is designed and manufactured in keeping with the best of traditional Italian style and excellence! All products are made from top quality leathers and materials.

Today as ever the Italian artisan traditions in the leather bag sector are alive and well and still loyal to the age old traditions that this craft demands. The secrets that make Italian handbags unique and unbeatable have been handed down (and continue to be handed down) from father to son, one generation to the next and so we can still enjoy their wonderful skills today. Fashions and tastes change but the refined workmanship and techniques that go into the making of Italian handbags remain unchanged, except for some improvements brought in through the many years of experience. Today, as then, there will always be a man who personally cuts out the leather, one who colors it, another to stitch it, all working skillfully and with passion for their work until it is completed: a splendid Made in Italy handbag that is a real work of art in itself.

 The Italian word for handbag, borsa, derives from the Greek byrsa which means leather. The oldest documented mention of bag-making in Italy comes from the twelfth century where in Tuscany some of the best Italian tanneries for working skins were already in production.

The handbag has been a much-used accessory ever since ancient times. The oldest and most thriving Italian cities bear witness to that. In fact every Italian city where trade and commerce flourished had its own quarter or street of bag-makers (Via dei Borsai), outstanding artisans who specialized in making beautiful purses and bags. The most famous Italian handbag craftsmen were to be found in cities such as Venice, Pistoia, Siena, Pisa and were much in demand by high society. The Parisian court bought its bags and purses exclusively from these skilful Italian artisans. Documents have been preserved which mention extremely luxurious and costly purses, embellished with gold, precious stones, enamels, silver, and all coming from Italy. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with the growth of the bourgeoisie, more and more women began to use ever more elaborate and beautiful purses and from then on to the present day the demand for handbags of all shapes and sizes has been constantly growing.